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How to Stand our from the Crowd - January 2009

Designer's Corner

Welcome to this edition of Designer`s Corner.

In our first designer`s corner we are going to look at how to effectively crop, cut out and blend images together to create an eye catching design.

How to Blend Images Effectively - November 2008

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Step 1 - Choosing your Images

When choosing your imagery, always ensure that you get images from reputable royalty free image sites, as it is illegal to take an image you find on the Internet and simply use it on your printed materials without permission.

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Step 2 - Editing your Images

It is always very important, when choosing and using images, that you think about how they might look and be used in the final layout.

We chose the above images as they lend themselves well to being cut out or blended which makes for a better composition of images.

In order to cutout the sandwich from their background we use Abobe Photoshop, a commercial design package created to handle image manipulation such as this.

Using the polygonal lasso tool, carefully cut around the edge of object.

A tip is to have the Anti-alias checkbox so that it is ticked, this will give a softer edge to the mask and the object will look smoother when placed onto a different background.

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Step 3 - Image Placement

Now you have cutout your images, you need to think about composition. In order to create an interesting layout you will need to carefully consider that the placement of your text doesn't interfere with the images and vice versa.

To create this takeaway menu cover, we used a combination of image cutouts and blended/feathered images with which other CorelDRAW, blending/feathering of images can also be created in Abode Indesign and Photoshop.

When creating your cover and choosing colours it is always helpful to select a colour from one of the images as this will then give harmony between the images, text and background as the colours bring all the elements together.

Using blocks of colour for important information like telephone numbers and addresses highlights the information for the reader.